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    M LAXLacrosse semis feature veterans and rookies on opposite sidesThis weekend when the lacrosse community convenes in Philadelphia for its final four, the story will be as much about the state of the sport as it is Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Notre Dame and Denver.
    GAMBLINGA Sure Bet to Fix SportInternationally, an estimated 80% of sports bets are made illegally, and that's a serious problem (for the US too).
    BASEBALLWhy Kids Are Abandoning BaseballThe local Little League in Newburgh, NY, has been desperately trying to attract enough kids to stay afloat. Their story represents the fading tradition of the casual Little Leaguer.
    HAVESWidening Wealth GapThe 40 richest universities have increased their assets by half since the recession, more than double the increases experienced by the least-wealthy universities.
    COMMUNITY COLLEGESWinning or Losing With SportsAcross the country, many two-year colleges are turning to their students and examining whether or not athletic programs fit the profile of their institutions.
    SPORTS MEDIAIs Pac-12 about to fall far behind Big Ten and SEC financially?Some people within the Pac-12 are worried the SEC and Big Ten are about to significantly jump ahead of the Pac-12 in TV money again.
    GAMBLINGWorld looks to US to legalize sports betting, fight match-fixingThe world's integrity monitors are looking to the US to join the fight by legalizing sports betting and teaming with like-minded countries to eliminate gambling corruption in sports.
    REFORMAll-in on reform, Big Ten needs others to join its fight for changeFrom the conference meetings comes cohesion and unification, but the next big step is still not clear.
    FOOTBALLReinstate UAB football? New study shows both options are 'viable'College Sports Solutions produced a 97-page report that became the third — and presumably final — study examining life with or without UAB football.
    FOOTBALLReinstate UAB football? New study shows both options are 'viable'College Sports Solutions produced a 97-page report that became the third — and presumably final — study examining life with or without UAB football.
    SALARIESHighest-Paid American Chief Executives The list comes from the Equilar 200 Highest-Paid CEO Rankings, listing compensation of the chief executives of 200 public companies with a market capitalization of at least $1 billion, that filed proxies.
    CONCUSSIONS'I Need My Brain'The exact long-term effects of concussions are still being discovered and debated, but the consensus is that the head injuries can cause lasting damage.
    LEADERSHIPWhy Are Pro Sports Leagues In the Punishment Business?Clips Guest CommentaryOur guest author articulates a profound lightbulb-popping observation that seems to have passed by all the rest of us.
    BRANDINGGraphics redesigns boost sales for athletic apparel, beer and perfume . . . almost everything, reallyBuzzwords in branding/image-building are bold and memorable, but client companies/universities should be buyers beware.
    SALARIESAsking for Less Gestures make a difference, especially when a university president eschews a salary north of a mil
    CONCUSSIONSFiling: NFL concussion settlement shows NCAA deal can't be approvedLawyers for a former San Diego State football player claim that the NCAA’s proposed concussion deal “falls far outside the range of possible approval.”
    CONFERENCESJim Delany’s compensation disclosedThe Big Ten Commissioner had a very good year in 2013.
    INSPIRATIONYogi Berra’s Best ‘Yogi-ism’ Was a Profound Act of KindnessTo mark the beloved Yankee’s 90th birthday, the director of the Yogi Berra Museum recounts a ‘Yogi-ism’ of profound empathy and kindness.
    MBKMen’s basketball rules committee recommends package of proposals to improve gameThe changes are designed to improve pace of play, better balance offense with defense, reduce physicality.
    CONFERENCESPac-12 to play 1st-ever basketball games in ChinaPac-12 commissioner Larry Scott announced that the Pac-12 will host a non-conference game in China in both 2015 and 2016.
    HOMOPHOBIAHow Pervasive Is Homophobia In US Sports?A new study shows that nearly half of gay men and 44% of lesbians worldwide who kept their sexual orientation hidden said they did so in order not to be bullied.
    MVBLoyola-Chicago takes men's volleyball titleA center of the country school travels to the left coast and wins in the volleyball heartland.
    COAAt Least 15 Athletics Programs to Offer More Than $4,000 in Extra Aid to AthletesHere’s chartage depicting the COA amounts for the 65 in the Group of 5.
    CFPShould CFB have a one-size-fits-all approach?Debate still rages on how much individual conferences' structures affect team standings. Is it time all conferences adopt the same structure?
    CFPPressure mounts for CFP to expand to eight teamsA person with close connections to the CFP was wondering out loud about playoff bracket expansion last week at conference spring meetings in the desert. If a CFP-related person is asking, then others might be as well.