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    NCAAIs Andrew Luck’s dad the NCAA’s white knight?The NCAA exec, tall with a toothy grin, sticks out his hand. The thought is inescapable. This is Andrew Luck in 30 years.
    PAY2015 NCAA football head coach salaries chartUSA Today's chart now has 71 coaches with base pay exceeding $1-million.
    SEATS FILLEDCollege football attendance making rare increase early in 2015The average FBS home crowd this season is 45,422, according to NCAA data. That's up from 44,977 through 5 weeks in 2014, and below the highest recent average of 48,279 in 2011.
    THINKERYTen takeaways from a revelatory college football SaturdayClips Guest CommentaryPat Forde, the rat-a-tat thinker/writer gives us a frenetic gush of insights about Saturday's ramifications.
    INFRACTIONSGreg Sankey will have the most influence on college hoops this seasonGreg Sankey has a busy day job as SEC commissioner, but he is also the chair of the NCAA Committee on Infractions. At some point in the next few months he and his crew will start to figure out what to do with UNC.
    COACHINGLouisville created/continues dangerous culture for womenThe NCAA is investigating sex claims in escort’s book.
    $$$Top ten schools averaged $144.8m in revenues and $12.4m scholarshipsThe gap was $132.5 million per Top Ten school, compared to $63.2 million just ten years ago.
    CFPWith Ohio State struggling, who can you trust in college football?Beware CFP selection committee. Dominant no-brainers standout teams may not be standing at the end of the season.
    SPONSORSHIPSUnder Armour signs 10-year, $96M deal with WisconsinWisconsin is the fourth big school to leave Adidas over the past couple of years, and will be the third team Under Armour will have in the Big Ten, joining Maryland and Northwestern.
    Disconcerting Signals: Charlie Strong and Texas Are 1-4Mack Brown’s run ended badly and carried on so long past its sell date. Now, nearly everything written in Charlie Strong’s defense is, to one degree or another, part of a proxy war against Mack.
    ALTERNATE SPORTSHow Video Games Are Becoming University-Approved SportsIs this a sport? Video games are growing more visible on campuses, and they are now becoming an organized, administration-approved part of campus culture.
    GUARANTEE GAMES'Pick on Somebody Your Own Size'Small colleges continue to play universities with big-time football programs because of the financial payouts and exposure that typically come with the thrashing. As the CFP selection criteria evolves, some of these “cream puff” games will go away.
    SALARYPerks and Pay Under FireThe state of Illinois is a leader in scrutinizing pay structures of university presidents and top executives, especially golden parachute payments.
    CFPLosses OK in new playoff worldThree top-10 teams lost by double digits Saturday, but that's OK. Going undefeated is not the norm.
    LAWOpinions changing on O’Bannon appeal rulingClips eFlashWhen the O’Bannon appeal story first broke, initial assessments were that the NCAA was merely “slapped on the wrist” for antitrust violations. But by Day 2 that turned into more of a “slap of the face.”  What a difference twenty-four hours can make.
    SPORTS LAWHere's what's next for NCAA after O'Bannon rulingThe O’Bannon/NCAA appeal ruling could make the NCAA more susceptible to antitrust lawsuits in the future, possibly giving them an incentive to seek a defacto antitrust exemption from the Supreme Court.
    LAWWhat the appeals court ruling means for O'Bannon's ongoing NCAA lawsuitThe “Collegiate Model” has been on trial in the O’Bannon case. The recent appeal provides a boost for the continuance of amateurism, er, the “Collegiate Model.”
    GOVERNANCED1 Council starts discussion about time demands on college athletesThe D1 Council and the Student-Athlete Experience Committee dissected the issue during quarterly meetings in Indianapolis.
    $$$$Forbes 400Here they are, the 400 wealthiest Americans, ranked by net worth.
    LAWO’Bannon appeal: partly affirmed, partly vacatedClips eFlash"All Hail the Relentless News Cycle!" No sooner did the Coach Larry Brown story command everyone’s attention, and now, after the O’Bannon appeal, everyone is saying “Larry who?”
    OFFICIATINGRefs Call Fewer Penalties at Beginning, End of GamesA study finds that ‘discretionary’ penalties such as holding and pass interference are three to five times more likely in the middle of games than at the beginning or end of games.
    MOVING UPThe New Pacific Standard: Utah’s Ascent From the InsideUtah has fared well in the turbulent conference realignment, despite the formidable football competitiveness of the Pac-12.
    INJURYEkpre-Olomu expected to be first to collect on loss of draft value insuranceThe All-American corner, projected to be a 1st-round draft choice last May, slipped to the 7th round after blowing out his ACL before the CFP National Championship.
    NO HYBRID?In College Sports it's either about Education or Free Market Economics-Not BothClips Guest CommentaryOur guest author says we can no longer dip our toes into the water of commercialism and free market economics for some parts of the college sports enterprise, all while being contained within a non-profit educational institution. 
    INFRACTIONSSMU commits men’s basketball and golf violationsHere it is, in almost all its gritty detail (about one-third of its single-spaced verbiage) the freshly released SMU Public Infractions Decision from the NCAA.