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    COACHINGCollege Football’s Grid of ShamelessnessShame has taken a backseat to Jim Harbaugh’s unique brand of shamelessness this off-season as more programs opt for rigorous self-promotion and hype.
    LAWWhat a new college course devoted to the topic of Deflategate looks likeHow NFL's lack of evidence could postpone Tom Brady's suspension until 2016.
    DISCIPLINEStop whining and start finingWhen coaches suspend or dismiss or bench players with behavior problems, it impacts their ability to win, which impacts their ability to keep a job.
    F40Forde-Yard Dash: Biggest storylines, playoff picks & moreForty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in CFB (used Illini gear sold separately at reduced prices at Tim Beckman’s house, also being sold separately at a reduced price).
    LEADERSHIPWhy Aren't More Women Reaching The Top Of College Sports?Despite the fact that college athletics has long positioned itself as an advocate for equal opportunity when it comes to gender, more than 40 years after the implementation of Title IX, the opportunities available for female administrators at top leadership positions are profoundly lacking.
    CFPCondoleezza Rice: a natural choice for CFP committeeArguably the most interesting member of the CFP selection committee, Rice can talk about the national championship or national security. And she can discuss the Middle East or middle linebacker.
    REALIGNMENT (AGAIN)Coastal Carolina to join Sun Belt Conference in July 2016SBC Commissioner Karl Benson: "The Sun Belt is a growing conference with a bright future and Coastal Carolina makes a perfect fit as they too have seen a tremendous amount of growth and have all the tools necessary to move forward at the highest level of collegiate athletics.”
    OOPSSocial media bans may violate college athletes' First Amendment rightsStudent-athletes are different from student non-athletes, but it’s not certain that the differences extend to rights of free speech.
    REFORMTime to Embrace the Art and Science of College SportsClips Guest CommentaryOur guest author makes a strong case for having athletics participation become part of academic credit—just like it is for musicians, dancers or thespians.
    FACILITIESTexas A&M's redone Kyle Field is now largest in SEC, full of new amenitiesOn Sept. 12 102,000 fans will filter into the completely overhauled (cost: $456 million) Kyle Field at Texas A&M, for the first time, when the Aggies host Ball State.
    ACADEMICSWill The NCAA Punish The University of North Carolina? Past Situational Ethics say OtherwiseUNC was a school that held itself out as a paragon of virtue against intercollegiate athletic corruption by espousing the brand friendly “Carolina Way.”
    SPORTS MEDIACollege football TV analysts weigh in on upcoming season and moreSI’s Richard Deitsch paneled the lead analysts in college athletics—Gary Danielson (CBS), Doug Flutie (NBC), Kirk Herbstreit (ESPN) and Joel Klatt (Fox)—for a roundtable discussion on a variety of football topics and issues.
    EFFICIENCYThe NFL’s Best Practice: No Wasted TimeHow the Buffalo Bills are solving the football time crunch.
    COA PAYNCAA Has Always Paid Players; It's Just Harder To Pretend They Don'tThe author describes a collective cognitive dissonance. COA money is provided for services, but because a vote occurred, it’s not pay and so it’s okay, because pay is evil and pay means money the NCAA disallows, not money it does allow.
    PUBLIC OPINIONClipsSurvey: Clips subscribers underwhelmed by Baylor president's remedyClipsSurveyBaylor prez takes the offensive by announcing a reactive, defensive and unusual re-organization in response to a football player's rape conviction.
    SEXUAL ASSAULTSilence at BaylorFB player Sam Ukwuachu transferred from Boise State to Baylor last year and was recently found guilty of the sexual assault of a fellow student. Questions swirl about what Baylor knew about his history.
    COACHINGTuberville: Withholding aid to hold academic, rules violators 'accountable'Cincinnati AD Mike Bohn: "It's not a fine. It's not a threat. It's a tool. We want to help our student-athletes.”
    COACHINGRazorbacks reinvented: How Bret Bielema changed the Arkansas football cultureCampus Rush is SI's newest "digital vertical," focusing on analysis and the broader stories within college football. Campus Rush will spotlight the "passion, pageantry and culture" of college football.
    YOUTH SPORTSLet’s talk about sports’ role in our high schoolsJohn Gerdy, former SEC associate commissioner and founder of Music For Everyone, responds to a Lancaster Newspaper's Editorial Board calling for a serious examination of the value of high school sports.
    RECRUITINGBaylor Dodges Scrutiny Thanks to Sark's Drunken OutburstThis isn't just a Baylor football scandal, this is a Baylor University scandal.
    FBBlack Eye for BaylorBaylor continues to face criticism about its handling of sexual assault accusations, a week after an article in Texas Monthly alleged that the university may have known that the player had previously been suspended from another team over violent behavior.
    TUITIONDiscounting Grows AgainA report from the National Association of College and University Business Officers reveals that tuition discount rates are at an all-time high and that the strategy is "not sustainable."
    SEXUAL ASSAULTBaylor-Boise State CoachSpeak . . . credibility run amok?Clips eFlashA year after the crime, actions and inactions regarding a rape accusation (and later a conviction) of a Baylor football transfer from Boise State are attracting more than a little scrutiny.
    HARRASSMENTSexual harassment toward female sports reporters is far too commonThe recent firestorm at Minnesota regarding sexual harassment have put an focus on the difficulties experienced by females covering men’s sports.
    COACHINGTexas basketball: Shaka Smart enthusiastically attacks task of reshaping LonghornsCoach Smart radiates positive energy, preaches values like appreciation and enthusiasm and demands you "attack the day."