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    "SOURCES"Comments on the (in)accuracy of “sources” in naming AD hiresClips eFlashThe news cycle abhors a vacuum, media needs content, the lifespan for confidentiality is fleeting and sketchy news is better than no news at all.
    ACA FRAUDEmmert: Syracuse case in NCAA 'wheelhouse'The NCAA has punished Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and may punish UNC coach Roy Williams for academic issues related to their programs.
    COACHINGThe Quarterback Whisperer George Whitfield, Jameis Winston’s personal coach, is at the forefront of an industry that is reshaping the modern quarterback.
    ACADEMICSDear "Student-Athlete" An emeritus professor vents with his hilarious portrayal of “fauxymoron” student-athletes.
    CONCUSSIONSNFL Concussion Settlement Gains Final Approval Judge’s OK signals end of long-running dispute over head injuries.
    APPARELKeeping close to competitors Under Armour is planning a major expansion in Portland, Oregon, which is the home to its two biggest competitors: Nike and Adidas.
    S-A WELFARETigers athletic department announces 'Clemson Will' Clemson announced its set of values going forward with its student-athletes in the form of a will; from founder Thomas Green Clemson.
    STADIUMSThe suspension of reality necessary to build an NFL stadium in Los AngelesClips eFlashThe latest iteration of the LA’s NFL-free status is being showcased by the perennial race to the bottom that is the public funding of sports venues.
    LEADERSHIPSEC's Mike Slive still in charge and feisty after fighting cancerDespite some health setbacks, Mike Slive is not coasting in his final months in office.
    GIFTSTroy Aikman Makes $1 million Donation to Wasserman Football Center UCLA’s football-specific strength and conditioning facility in the state-of-the-art new building will be known as The Troy Aikman Strength and Conditioning Center.
    RECRUITINGSEC feeling college football recruiting heat due to Big Ten's attempted talent raidsFor the second consecutive summer, Penn State coaches are crossing the Mason-Dixon Line to work satellite football camps designed to raid the local talent.
    CONCUSSIONSFootball Players With Vision Training Had Fewer Concussions, Study Shows University of Cincinnati (UC) researchers are reporting a statistically significant lower rate of concussion for players in UC’s program who received vision training.
    TIMEPac-12 study reveals athletes 'too exhausted to study effectively'A sampling of 409 Pac-12 athletes found that they spend an average of 50 hours per week on their sport. The study also concluded that physical exhaustion is a "major issue."
    ANALYTICSThe ‘Moneyball’ Revolution Hits Middle School The statistical revolution that has redefined sports in recent years now has a new frontier: middle school. How this next generation watches sports may shape the way everyone else does in the future
    MEDICALNCAA Doctor Backs Off Heart Tests for AthletesMove comes amid outcry from team doctors who oppose idea.
    NFLYou simply can’t put lipstick on a pigskinClips Guest CommentaryThe NFL believes that the violent nature of the game can be pasted over with promo campaigns to convince the public that the game is suitably safe.
    LEADERSHIPWhat every president knowsClips Guest CommentaryCo-authored by two presidents: "Advice From 2 Streetwise College Presidents."
    ACADEMICSAcademic bonuses aren't the answer A fundamental problem with academic bonuses is they reward results without any regard for how those results are achieved.
    RECRUITINGAbruptly shut down Elevate Basketball Circuit leaves many victims in its wakeThe Elevate Basketball Circuit shut down without any warning, leaving scores of teams, referees and vendors out hundreds of thousands.
    AD EXTENSIONNorth Carolina State Extends Contract of AD Debbie YowBoard of Trustees approves extension through 2019.
    SALARIESOle Miss Extends Contract for Ross BjorkThe new deal for the Athletics Director runs through 2019.
    COAFluctuations in Aid Allowances Raise Questions of Fairness in AthleticsIt is becoming more evident that cost of attendance can influence students’ choice of institution and affect how much money they can borrow to go to college.
    ACADEMIC FRAUDCheated: A Tale of Profit at the Expense of Academic IntegrityClips Book Review The book "Cheated: The UNC Scandal, The Education of Athletes, and the Future of Big-Time College Sports," by Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham, illuminates the egregious academic corruption that took place at UNC and details how the school cheated athletes out of a real college education.
    FANDOMFatherly dutiesGymnast turns her Southern Cal grad father into UCLA fan.
    CFPCondoleezza Rice: 'I feel pretty strongly about four' for CFP Committee member Condoleezza Rice and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott agreed Wednesday that four teams is currently the right number for the playoff; they were keynote speakers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Sports Innovation Conference.