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    SURVEYSHow colleges, administrators, and faculty are faring The Almanac of Higher Education 2014 serves up “Academe by the Numbers.”
    BRANDINGRequired Reading for College Sports: Saturday Millionaires Clips Book ReviewThe book is a no-nonsense look at the financial and reputation impact that successful athletics can have on a university.
    CARDIAC ARRESTSCardiac Arrest Likely Kills Most in Football 2014 American football’s possible role in a player’s sudden death is difficult to assess, particularly in a case of cardiac arrest outside physical activity. But athletic exertion is presumably contributing to many player fatalities this year.
    ACADEMICSPrograms offer alternative path for athletes to finish degrees Clips Guest CommentaryThere is not a lack of student-athlete degree-completion programs; there is a lack of awareness of all of the existing degree-completion programs.
    COACHINGHow College Football's Coaches Have Fared Against Top-25 TeamsStanford's Shaw has the best win percentage, while Oklahoma's Stoops has the most impressive record.
    NCEE REVS & EXPENSESNCAA Revenues & Expenditures Report; 2014Everything anybody would want to know about money out and money in, by school, by sport, by gender, etc. All artfully assembed by Chief Compiler Dan Fulks. NOTE: This was released in April 2014 (despite the Clips Aug. 2014 posting).
    GOVERNANCECan Congress (yes, Congress) help NCAA find solutions? Which Congress? The Congress that engages in repetitive logjams?...the Congress that has earned abysmal popularity ratings?...the Congress that has routinely ratcheted up the debt by the trillions?...the Congress ensconced in its own little world inside the Beltway? That Congress.
    CONNECTIVITYAT&T brings Wi-Fi and IPTV to Wisconsin’s Camp Randall Stadium The reported $6.2 million project includes 700 HD TV screens; plus a 10 Gigabit backbone connection and approximately 750 Wi-Fi access points.
    COACHINGThe Best College Football Coaches For The MoneyThe best coach is not always the winningest.
    SPORTS MEDIAFive Reasons Why The SEC Network Is A Big DealFrom school involvement to fiber cable everywhere, the network will charge out of the gates at full stride.
    YUCKSLists of all lists: A college football season primer Clips Guest CommentaryLet loose that imaginative mind of CBSSports’ Dennis Dodd and then sit back and enjoy the wit, yucks and insights.
    HAVES/NOTSPlayoff is a problem for the little guys It was tough enough for schools in non-jumbo conferences to find their way to a championship game. Now—with the strict CFP criteria—it has gotten tougher than ever.
    FACILITIESCollege Football Hall of Fame to open Aug. 23The CFB HOF in Atlanta will be an attraction for fans and non-fans alike.
    GENDER NCAA reforms: Good for female athletes?Need proof that the college sports structure was working well for female athletes? Look no further than Val Ackerman.
    SEXUAL ASSAULTSAt Oklahoma, a confusing handling of criminal incidentsClips Guest CommentaryOur guest author makes the case that Oklahoma’s handling of three sexual assaults sends a clear, disturbing message to not only members of the football team, but more important, victims of abuse.
    AUTONOMYCould the Government End the Mess in College Sports? Clips Guest CommentaryA bipartisan commission to reform amateur athletics is vitally needed now.
    SEXUAL ASSAULTSThe NCAA's Curious MoveDid the NCAA need to tell schools not to interfere with sexual-assault investigations?
    SEXUAL ASSAULTSSupporting the Sex Assault BillSome individual universities are opting to either embrace the legislation outright or cautiously deferring judgment on it.
    D2-3D3 Proposes Cutting # of GamesLegislation that would cut the number of contests in most D3 sports, some by more than 10%.
    FB PLAYOFFPast can offer committee looked to the past to better understand some of the issues the CFP committee might face in the future choosing the top four teams in the country via a truly subjective vote.
    FACILITIESSteel goes up for Syracuse indoor practice facilityThe facility will benefit all Orange athletics programs.
    NCAANCAA Limits on For-ProfitsThe five current for-profit members of the NCAA will still be able to participate in championships and receive financial distributions, but they will not have a formal say in the creation of any NCAA rules and regulations.
    FACILITIESNC State Athletics Dedicates New Indoor Practice FacilitySchool announces $14 million building to be named for alums Close and King.
    AMATEURISMOne Man Had a Plan to Keep Money Out of College Sports. In the 1930s, UNC President Frank Porter Graham campaigned for college athletics amateurism.
    WI-FIBrandon's Blog: Big House Cellular Coverage Efforts Continue Michigan AD discusses speed and connectivity in layman’s terms. Translation: “We’re working on it.”