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    COACHINGThe Best College Basketball Coaches For The Money 2014 Value is different than Top 25 rankings or going three deep in the tournament. To assess value, our author looks at strength of schedule, salary and the total resources.
    SYMPOSIUMThe 9th Annual Ivy Sports Symposium Clips Eyewitness ReportAn invigorating blend of veterans and beginners gathered together at the Princeton Hyatt to impart/absorb wisdom, debate strategies and prognosticate the future—for both pro and college sports.
    GOVERNANCEUVM President: NCAA autonomy could increase costs Clips Guest Commentary A president who voted to override the NCAA’s move toward autonomy offers several reasons why he did so.
    LAWAntitrust-law professors support NCAA's O'Bannon appealFifteen antitrust-law professors filed a brief supporting the NCAA's appeal in the O'Bannon case, writing that Judge Wilken “misapplied” the less-restrictive alternative prong of her analysis that found the NCAA violated antitrust law.
    TECHTa-da, The Third Annual Stadium Tech Report From Mobile Sports Reports comes a long-form report focusing on technology deployments at US football stadiums, with an extensive inside look at Levi's Stadium and all 31 NFL stadium tech deployments.
    UPSTARTSHow Players at MIT Engineered a Football TeamThis season, the Engineers are going to playoffs, but they once competed in hand-me-downs.
    FACILITIES/OPERATIONS Shooting at the LibraryA gunman targeting FSU’s library is unfortunately among one of the many campus shootings that have occurred this year.
    SPECIAL ADMITSA Competitive DisadvantageAs the institutions become more selective or rigorous, the gap in SAT scores between FB/BK athletes and all students is over 300 points at many schools.
    AT-RISK STUDENTSGaming the SystemA study by Columbia University researchers has found that many colleges engage in grade inflation and/or admitting fewer at-risk students to qualify for performance-based funding.
    F40Forde-Yard Dash: College football's five biggest dumpster firesClips Guest CommentaryForty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college football (petition to never play Wisconsin again circulating separately in Lincoln, Neb.).
    ACADEMIC INTEGRITYDrake Group Issues Guidelines for Academic Integrity in AthleticsThe Drake Group has issued guidelines for academic honesty in athletics to remedy “the absence of policy and practice to ensure the maintenance of academic integrity.”
    COACHINGSaban is Worth Every PennyAccording to a study by economists (and brothers) Devin Pope and Jaren Pope, winning the national FB championship yields in a 7-8% increase in applications, on average.
    REFORMDebt-Averse TeensGen Z knows the advantages of a college education, but is not okay with going into financial ruin for it.
    FOREIGN STUDENTSInternational-Student Numbers Continue Record-Breaking GrowthAmerican campuses have never been more international.
    LOGOSDropping the 'Lady'A university-wide rebranding will include phasing out “Lady Vol” as part of the University of Tennessee’s official logo.
    EFFICIENCYMoneyball: How college football's middle class is winning big As the overdone saying goes: more with less.
    NCAANCAA relies heavily on Supreme Court case to appeal paying playersThree large flaws committed by US District Judge Claudia Wilken have become the main evidence for the appeal
    ROUNDBALLWhy Kentucky Has the Most Bragging Rights in College Basketball We hit the record books to determine the best college program of all time.
    NCAA1-and-done era here to stay?Status quo means opps to mature while in the comfort zone of a collegiate environment will be denied.
    REVENUES What About Happily-Ever-After?With so many new financial demands, varying Cinderella basketball conferences may struggle to "make the ball" in upcoming seasons
    ROUNDBALLCollege Hoops: The American DreamThe “other” major college sport starts its season on Nov. 15, and four-and-a-half months from now there will be crowned a national basketball champion.
    ON-THE-JOB-TRAININGMichigan’s New President is new to big-time athletics, but he’s learning . . . QUICKLYClips eFlashMark Schlissel’s transition from an Ivy League president to a Big Ten president became even more difficult with the messy departure of his AD and the thin-ice status of the football coach.
    CFPBizarre plot twist highlights latest College Football Playoff rankings Clips Guest CommentaryWith a seemingly endless string of if-then scenarios, the CFP river flows inevitably toward its Niagara Falls.
    PENN STATEDocs: NCAA, Freeh worked together Documents obtained by ESPN suggest that the Freeh investigation (which was supposed to be “wholly independent”), was not.
    NCAAIt’s not that the NCAA doesn’t know what it’s doing; it’s that the NCAA doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be doing Clips Guest CommentaryYup, that’s the title, not much room for a subtitle.