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    ACADEMICSThe Intersection of Race, Sports & Money: #Resign Emmert Clips Guest CommentaryOur guest author points out that male African American males (4% of the student population and 60% of FB/BK rosters) deserve more academic attention.
    NCAANCAA denies Georgia's appeal of Gurley suspensionThe star tailback will have to sit out two more games before he can return to the Bulldog Nation
    MEDIAAmerican Athletic Conference: MBK Media Day in NYCClips Eyewitness Report Gathered expectantly at the posh New York Athletic Club were AAC coaches and players, SIDs, handlers, conference people and a flock of media persons.
    CFPWhat the College Football Playoff committee is already getting wrong Our guest author makes the case it is not smart to release a poll based on partial data that will soon change.
    SPONSORSHIPSUnderstanding objectives can reveal true value of college rights The author proposes a more rigorous assessment of the value of sponsorships.
    NONPROFITGrand Canyon Rethinks For-Profit StatusRemoving the “stigma” of being a nonprofit is the prime motivator.
    CFPPlayoff committee holds first vote The expected clamor of fans’ comments has occurred.
    LEADERSHIP Pressure on the PresidentsAre presidents really getting to do their job?
    BLAMEUNC’s Roy Williams concerned about repClips eFlashThe coach gets alternately circumspect, defensive and exasperated in an exclusive interview with ESPN.
    GSRMore Athletes Get to Finish LineThe NCAA has announced that student-athletes are graduating at record rates (as measured by the Graduation Success Rate), but discrepancies with the six-year federal rate are confusing.
    FACILITIESSnyder and Currie Step Up for Wildcat StudentsBoth Kansas’ AD and football coach are donating $2500 in order to open residence halls early for the big game
    SPINJimbo Fisher Blames ESPN and SEC For Negative Media AttentionSome think the Florida State coach is losing touch with reality.
    F40Forde-Yard Dash: Campaigning for and against each one-loss contenderForty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college football (tent stakes no longer available for sale in error-prone Ann Arbor).
    ACADEMICSNCAA's Graduation Rates Don't Necessarily Prove SuccessIt seems that certain universities definition of “graduation” is different than what is traditional
    NCAANCAA Spends Record Amount on LobbyingNCAA lobbying has been thrice what it spent last year.
    RACEStudent Diversity at 4,725 Institutions From The Chronicle of Higher Education comes a completely comprehensive sortable mega table listing all diversity categories by school.
    CHANGEWhy the UNC scandal is NCAA President Mark Emmert’s chance at redemption Clips Guest CommentaryIs this a golden opportunity to reassert a modicum of control, authority and the NCAA’s moral core?
    ACADEMIC FRAUDUNC's unprecedented academic fraud case will test NCAA UNC’s possible Level I penalties could include postseason bans, fines, scholarship reductions and vacating victories (i.e.- the 2005 and 2009 men's basketball titles).
    ACADEMIC FRAUDUNC should get death penalty in academic fraud case, but it won't Clips Guest CommentaryThe author: “(This is) not going to end with North Carolina's administration throwing itself on a flaming pyre of regret and reform. Or coaches moving on after I-don't-remember answers” . . . .
    ACADEMIC FRAUDButch Davis denies involvement Former North Carolina football coaches Butch Davis and Mack Brown both vehemently denied knowledge or involvement in the academic fraud scandal at UNC during an ESPN interview.
    ACADEMIC FRAUDThe Ethicist Who Crossed the Line According to the Wainstein report, Jeannette Boxill, a philosophy lecturer and former athletic academic counselor, played a key role in steering athletes into fake classes to help them maintain their eligibility. Boxill was also the director of UNC’s Parr Center for Ethics. No kidding.
    ACADEMICSAthletics Advisers' Ethical DilemmaThe question of how far advisors can go for their student-athletes has become a prominent issue
    LEADERSHIPCleveland's Mike Cleary and the promotion of good works in college sportsNACDA director emeritus Mike Cleary is one of the most adroit and longstanding networkers in college sports.
    CFPCollege Football Playoff paying off with regular-season revival Despite years of naysaying and hysterics, the new College Football Playoff is looking pretty good, thank you.
    NCAAInside the Doors of the NCAAPressure is building for college sports’ governing body to modernize its rules.

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