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    MOVING UPThe New Pacific Standard: Utah’s Ascent From the InsideUtah has fared well in the turbulent conference realignment, despite the formidable football competitiveness of the Pac-12.
    INJURYEkpre-Olomu expected to be first to collect on loss of draft value insuranceThe All-American corner, projected to be a 1st-round draft choice last May, slipped to the 7th round after blowing out his ACL before the CFP National Championship.
    NO HYBRID?In College Sports it's either about Education or Free Market Economics-Not BothClips Guest CommentaryOur guest author says we can no longer dip our toes into the water of commercialism and free market economics for some parts of the college sports enterprise, all while being contained within a non-profit educational institution. 
    INFRACTIONSSMU commits men’s basketball and golf violationsHere it is, in almost all its gritty detail (about one-third of its single-spaced verbiage) the freshly released SMU Public Infractions Decision from the NCAA.
    LEADERSHIPJim Delany: Proud of UNC roots, Big Ten accomplishmentsThe commissioner has been a firm advocate for attaining the “sweet spot” -- where the interests of education, entertainment, competition and opportunity best coincide.
    FANSThe Millsaps experience: How a D3 AD is drawing big crowds to small-school gamesAD Josh Brooks recently orchestrated college football's largest student section foam party. Behind one end zone on Sept. 3, students played in foam, socialized along the fence or luxuriated beneath their particular student organization's tent.
    COMMERCE‘Yankees Suck! Yankees Suck!’The twisted, true story of the drug-addled, beer-guzzling hardcore punks who made the most popular T-shirts in Boston history.
    COACHINGNotre Dame, Boise State voted the places to be for coachesAn ESPN poll asked Big 5 football head coaches which Group of 5 schools they would most like to coach at, and the ska elf the Big 5 coaches in the other direction. Results below.
    P4PBI: The average University of Texas football player is worth $622k/yrMethodology developed by Business Insider computes what CFB players might be worth if they rec'd NFL-style compensation.
    CLUB SPORTSCollege Boxing Clubs Rise From the CanvasDiverse groups of students are finding a new concentration in the sweet science, even if they don’t want to fight.
    CLUB SPORTSDo College Sports Really Need the NCAA?In a test, Michigan State to try elevating the status of club sports.
    GENDERWMU Director of FB Ops Jessica Larmony is essential to the programWestern Michigan Director of Football Operations Jessica Larmony is one of only three female football ops directors in the nation.
    NCAANCAA redefines academic misconduct after UNC caseNew legislation would move the NCAA away from "academic extra benefits" to "impermissible academic assistance." The shift would both broaden and narrow the scope of whether the NCAA can allege academic misconduct.
    DFSWhy Daily Fantasy Is Such A Problem For The NCAAWith a series of logic-derived if/thens, truisms and non sequiturs, our guest author pokes holes at the NCAA’s current stance on DFS and the “student-athletes are just like regular students” part of the collegiate model.
    SPORTS LAWBaylor University, Sexual Assault, & Title IX VulnerabilitiesIn the aftermath of the Ukwuachu verdict, questions have been raised about how the Baylor administration has ensured the safety of the students on their campus.
    AGENTSThe World's Most Powerful Sports Agents 2015Scott Boras continues to dominate the sports agent business with a staggering $2.3 billion in MLB player contracts, netting more than $117 million in commissions.
    REPEATSCollege football: When national champions lost, if they didWho says you can never go back?
    VISIONJMU president authors athletics perspectiveThe document emphasize the values and principles upon which JMU’s D1-AA athletic programs are based.
    GAMBLINGD1 ADs talk development of rules for paid fantasy leaguesWhether fantasy leagues are really “gambling” seems to be beside the point. They’re here, they’re exploding and college students (including student-athletes) are most definitely prime target consumers.
    GAMBLINGWill sports gambling affect the "integrity of the games?"Clips eFlashIntegrity is one of those words that gets overused to describe the attributes of dignity, fairness and consistency in people.  However, when we use it in the context of sports—as in "the integrity of the game"—we are really talking about safeguarding sports from the ravages of gambling.
    SEX ASSAULTSSurvey: 1 out of 4 college students experienced sexual assaultClips eFlashA jumbo survey (790,000 contacted, 150,000 responses, a 19% response rate) sponsored by the Association of American Universities was the basis for a 288-page report released on 9-22-15.
    GAMBLINGThe NCAA has no idea what to do about Daily FantasySomebody’s got to decide whether Daily Fantasy is gambling, or not.
    F40Forde-Yard Dash: College football's most overpaid, underpaid coachesForty names, games, teams and minutiae making news in college football (antidepressants sold separately in the traumatized state of Alabama).
    LIKENESSNCAA president Mark Emmert: T-shirts of my likeness are 'clever'NCAA President Mark Emmert attended the D1 FAR conference during a period when the NCAA continues to try to define what it is and what it is not.
    DOMESTIC ABUSEGeorgia sent reports, photos to Bama ahead of Taylor's addition to teamIn a case with similarities to the Baylor domestic abuse debacle, a football player was permanently kicked off the Georgia team. But he re-appeared at Alabama the next year, where he was again charged with domestic violence, and kicked off the team.