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    MEDICALNCAA Doctor Backs Off Heart Tests for AthletesMove comes amid outcry from team doctors who oppose idea.
    NFLYou simply can’t put lipstick on a pigskinClips Guest CommentaryThe NFL believes that the violent nature of the game can be pasted over with promo campaigns to convince the public that the game is suitably safe.
    LEADERSHIPWhat every president knowsClips Guest CommentaryCo-authored by two presidents: "Advice From 2 Streetwise College Presidents."
    ACADEMICSAcademic bonuses aren't the answer A fundamental problem with academic bonuses is they reward results without any regard for how those results are achieved.
    RECRUITINGAbruptly shut down Elevate Basketball Circuit leaves many victims in its wakeThe Elevate Basketball Circuit shut down without any warning, leaving scores of teams, referees and vendors out hundreds of thousands.
    AD EXTENSIONNorth Carolina State Extends Contract of AD Debbie YowBoard of Trustees approves extension through 2019.
    SALARIESOle Miss Extends Contract for Ross BjorkThe new deal for the Athletics Director runs through 2019.
    COAFluctuations in Aid Allowances Raise Questions of Fairness in AthleticsIt is becoming more evident that cost of attendance can influence students’ choice of institution and affect how much money they can borrow to go to college.
    ACADEMIC FRAUDCheated: A Tale of Profit at the Expense of Academic IntegrityClips Book Review The book "Cheated: The UNC Scandal, The Education of Athletes, and the Future of Big-Time College Sports," by Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham, illuminates the egregious academic corruption that took place at UNC and details how the school cheated athletes out of a real college education.
    FANDOMFatherly dutiesGymnast turns her Southern Cal grad father into UCLA fan.
    CFPCondoleezza Rice: 'I feel pretty strongly about four' for CFP Committee member Condoleezza Rice and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott agreed Wednesday that four teams is currently the right number for the playoff; they were keynote speakers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Sports Innovation Conference.
    EXPOSUREIn wake of Final Four run, Wisconsin riding wave of enthusiasm Wisconsin’s ride into the championship game resulted in massive positive exposure, but it’s near impossible to quantify it.
    GOVERNANCEDivision I Council appoints committee membersA diverse group will work on behalf of student-athletes.
    INSPIRATIONEx-Minn. WR survives cancer, creates T-shirts for patients undergoing chemoThe resilience of the human spirit can be boundless.
    FOOTWEARDoes Under Armour have the inside track for Wisconsin's next footwear / apparel contract?Badger AD Alvarez is being shrewdly coy about the school’s next footwear and apparel provider. The early favorite appears to be Under Armour, but it’s a long way till the expiration of the current contract (with adidas) on June 30, 2016.
    MKTGESPN 30 for 30 Film Review: “The Sole Man” (Sonny Vaccaro)Here’s the 9-word review: I saw it.  I liked it.  I recommend it. See below for more.
    ACADEMICSJust Released: Big Ten Initiative for "Year of Readiness"Clips eFlashThe Big Ten Conference has come out with a very well thought out initiative called “Education First, Athletics Second.” . . . aka: "Year of Readiness"
    COACHINGThe year college basketball's coaching carousel got weirdThe current hiring trends seem to be: Nostalgia and NBA backgrounds are in. Recent success and hiring high-major assistant coaches are out.
    COACHESAs Their Numbers Dwindle, Black Coaches Seek Ways to Gain GroundSo far this year, 12 minority basketball coaches have lost their jobs in major-college programs, while just four African-Americans have been hired.
    FBBeach Ball: 10 Ways to Improve College Football’s Spring Game ExperienceSpring games are pretty boring! With that in mind, here are 10 easy ways to drastically improve the entertainment value of spring games.
    PRESIDENTSNCAA NovicesIn an era when presidential search committees are placing increasing emphasis on the medical and technology fields, it’s not uncommon for a leader with limited experience with college athletics to take the helm of a D1 institution with a renowned sports legacy.
    FAN EXPWho wouldn’t want to enjoy a “Rooftop Tailgate?” Every football school has tailgates, and some have parking garages near stadiums, and the University of Cincinnati is combining the two into a “Rooftop Tailgate” . . . i.e.- tailgating atop a parking garage. Very clever.
    $ MISMANAGEMENTBankruptcy rates among NFL players with short-lived income spikes Nearly 16% of retired NFL players have filed for bankruptcy within 12 years of leaving professional football. Making more money or playing longer didn’t reduce the likelihood of bankruptcy.
    PAPERSKnight Commission: Call for Proposals This initiative is from the Commission’s survey, “Exploring a D1 Model Federated by Sport,” to assess interest in how different structures might offset effects of some conferences’ new geographic footprints.
    FUNDRAISINGStudy examines why people stop donating to college athletics Researchers have concluded that fundraising can become more scientific and more efficient.