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FOOTBALL TRAVEL IS LOGISTICAL CHALLENGE … “Traveling for additional football games is a huge mobilization. It’s not like putting 12 basketball players on a plane.” … Graham B. Spanier, president of Penn State, in citing the huge difference between college basketball’s March Madness and a possible D1-A football playoff. Penn State has chartered planes just to send its band to Miami next month for an Orange Bowl game against Florida State. Mr. Spanier’s remarks came at the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum in NYC on 12-7-05.

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Sports in America 2005: Facing up to global realities … Once again Frank Splitt - thinker, writer, engineer, educator, advocate - provides a thought-provoking perspective on American sports. If you never heard of a “STEM” before, read on.

Clips Editorial

Home for Thanksgiving ... Clips Editor Nick Infante recounts a typical return to the Connecticut homestead - with talk of Yale-Harvard and the BC bail.

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High-Visibility Athletic Programs and the Prestige of Public Universities

Professors Michael J. Lovaglia (U of Iowa) and Jeffrey W. Lucas (U of Maryland) delve into the question: Do high-visibility athletic programs add value to a university education? ... posted 12-14-05

We don’t do scandals . . . .

But this one we just couldn’t ignore. The University of Colorado is becoming the poster child of all that could go bad with an athletics program. The latest? $117,400 worth of questionable expenses. ... posted 12-13-05

College-licensed items still growing significantly

You are what you wear. Or sit in. Or drink out of. Or eat from. ... posted 12-11-05

My Wednesday in Manhattan . . .

In which your intrepid Clips editor schlepped into Manhattan for an eye-witness report of the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum. ... posted 12-11-05

APR and Grad Rates for '05-'06 Bowl-Bound Teams

A study by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport shows that a significant gap remains between African-American and white student-athletes. ... posted 12-5-05

If Rodney Dangerfield was a D1-A Coach

He’s not bug-eyed, and he doesn’t do beer ads, but Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach is used to not getting respect. ... posted 12-5-05

D3 athletics / academics excellence: mutually exclusive?

A case study at Haverford College explores the challenges of maintaining academic credibility while establishing athletic competitiveness. ... posted 12-5-05

Of Polar Bears, Michelin Men and Toy Soldiers

Fresh back from a road trip to Philadelphia, a Plebe Parent offers his take on the pageantry and spectacle that is the Army-Navy game. ... posted 12-5-05

D1 MBB: Projected field of 65 teams

Football’s not over, but basketball is here. We offer the expert opinion of the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Huguenin on who will be the 65 contenders in NCAA MBB. ... posted 12-1-05

Beware the Evil Caffeine

Sales of caffeinated energy drinks grew at a torrid 61% in the US last year. But critics are coming out of the woodwork, and the drinks have been banned in four countries. ... posted 11-26-05

Different Paths to the Corner Office

Some schools excel at football and some at basketball. And some at Fortune 500 CEOs and senators. ... posted 11-28-05

Penn State U is Linebacker U once again

From 1989 to 2000, 29 of Penn State’s linebackers were selected in the NFL draft. Then nothing. ... posted 11-29-05

Saga of a high school diploma mill

It never ends. The NCAA implements new academic rules, and cheaters concoct new loopholes to bypass them. ... posted 11-27-05

Cheerleading: a stepping stone to drug sales success

Overworked, mid-life crisis-prone 45-plus male doctors. Pert, vivacious, attractive, under 30 female drug reps. Hmm. ... posted 11-29-05

NCAA D1 Volleyball Pairings Announced

The 64-team women’s volleyball tournament seedings have Nebraska on top of a strong field. ... posted 11-28-05

Spending like there’s no tomorrow . . .

It’s not news, but it bears repeating: a spending analysis from USA Today confirms that the D1-A arms race continues unabated. ... posted 11-25-05

From where they hail, part 2 . . .

In a previous summary (on Nov. 13) we provided a list of domestic NBA players state by state. Now, here’s the international version, country by country. ... posted 11-21-05

Gambling is just a couple clicks away

Online gambling is projected to reach $12 billion this year, a whopping 50% increase over last year. ... posted 11-18-05

The point-counterpoint of alcohol on campus

Here’s something that we all already knew: too many underage drinkers are drinking too much. But it’s well worth repeating. ... posted 11-18-05

Ersatz wearables intercepted at the Mexican border

The latest seizure of counterfeit apparel with pro and college logos occurred in Nogales, Arizona two weeks ago. ... posted 11-18-05

Latest Report: decrease in foreign student enrollments

The post 9-11 world has wrought changes in the mosaic that constitutes US campuses and sports programs. ... posted 11-18-05

Presidential compensation under fire

Confronted with large doses of leadership challenges, budget squeezes and visibility / scrutiny, college presidents are absorbing more criticism than they deserve. A Chronicle of Higher Education survey details the details. ... posted 11-14-05

Intercollegiate athletics revenue: Montana-style

From the somewhat blurred focus of the EADA camera comes a snapshot of a single-state college athletics ecosystem. ... posted 11-14-05

From where they hail . . .

Ever wonder where the NBA players hail from? Here’s a list by state. ... posted 11-14-05

Big schools bidding out marketing to experts

Some 80% of BCS schools have gone to outsourcing marketing agreements. ... posted 11-10-05