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MACK WITH TACT … “I’ve been planning this speech for 33 years, but right now I don’t really know what to say.” … Texas coach Mack Brown, to his players in the locker room after the Longhorns’ thrilling victory over Southern Cal at the Rose Bowl. … Sports Illustrated, 1-9-06

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Geographically Myopic ... Former Lawrence University lineman Mark Rodman takes aim at yet another bias of the esteemed New York Times.

Clips Editorial

The consequences of running up the score ... Clips Editor Nick Infante opines on the after-effects of sports blowouts: the agony (and exultation) of losing (and winning) big. ... posted 12-26-05

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Faculty Salaries Report by DOE

In full, it’s called the “Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2004, and Salaries of Full-Time Instructional Faculty, 2004-05.” Clips has captured the essence for you. ... posted 1-13-06

The NCAA's 25 Defining Moments

The NCAA has selected the “25 Defining Moments in NCAA History.” And Clips has added a few as well. ... posted 1-13-06

Mascot for a Day

Emily Yoffe, Human Guinea Pig, describes being a 10-ft tall inflatable George Washington at a -natch - George Washington U. basketball game. Is Emily the new George Plimpton? ... posted 1-13-06

Troy University: investing for the long haul

Jumpstarting an upstart D1-A program requires powerful backers. ... posted 1-13-06

Coaches: answer tough questions at your peril

Coaches, presidents and ADs take heed: Joe Paterno is the latest to be condemned for comments deemed insensitive to others. ... posted 1-11-06

Hazing in Sports: The Effects and Legal Ramifications

Alyson Peluso, a Masters candidate at the US Sports Academy, provides a thoroughly comprehensive and incisive study on athletics hazing. ... posted 1-11-06

Darwin said fittest, not biggest

The ongoing debate over football haves and have-nots is getting uglier all the time. ... posted 1-10-06

Is there something wrong with going through a loophole?

In what could be a prelude to the fallout to come in more stringent academic standards, the story about a Miami school accused of putting athletes on a “dumb-jock track” won’t go away. ... posted 1-10-06

Study: Americans Support Reforms in College Athletics

A study conducted for the Knight Commission says Americans prefer that an athlete’s college experience should be about academics, not sports. ... posted 1-7-06

The Mother of all College Athletics Programs?

The numbers are in from last year. Revenues for No. 1 Ohio State were $89.7 million, with 900 student-athletes in 36 sports. ... posted 1-5-06

Clips doesn’t do scores, but . . . .

I stayed up too late, and saw too much. So how could I keep mum about last night’s thrilling Rose Bowl game? ... posted 1-5-06

Golden Gophers take a reality check

Poor Minnesota: a huge program but only mid-sized in the outsized Big Ten. What to do? Why, step it up, of course! ... posted 1-5-06

Segregation, integration and a fire-breathing governor

And here a short pause to mark the 50th anniversary of the integration of the Sugar Bowl. ... posted 1-5-06

One-state, 3-year study reveals Title IX deficiencies

A massive study by the Women’s Law Project has revealed a series of shortcomings in athletics gender equity across Pennsylvania’s 112 institutions of higher learning. ... posted 1-2-06

Hurricane relief effort spotlights a kinder, gentler NCAA

The Hurricane Katrina disaster caused the normally rule-obsessed NCAA to chuck its rules manual right out the window. ... posted 1-2-06

“List price,” new term at image-conscious schools?

Price is a bigger factor than ever for private liberal arts schools, and they’re handing out 425% more merit aid than a decade ago. ... posted 1-2-06

Zany (but remotely possible) predictions for 2006

It was a slow news week, so the Clips Humor Squad [sic] took a crack at parody. Note: these are entirely fictional predictions. ... posted 1-2-06

Milking donors for all their worth

Fundraisers at Wisconsin (known as America ’s Dairyland) will milk donors for $17.8 million this year. ... posted 12-26-05

A long time coming: the integration of U-Texas football

Though not as famous as Jackie Robinson (MLB), Larry Doby (AL), or even Willy O’Ree (NHL), Julius Whittier was the first black football player at the University of Texas. And that was BIG. ... posted 12-26-05

The consequences of running up the score

The consequences of running up the score ... Clips Editor Nick Infante opines on the after-effects of sports blowouts: the agony (and exultation) of losing (and winning) big. ... posted 12-26-05

NCAA rejiggers grad rate computations

Transfer students will no longer be assigned to the twilight zone for grad rates. The new rates take a steep hike. ... posted 12-21-05

Bigger risks for steroid use in NJ

Random steroid testing for HS athletes in post-season play will start next year. New Jersey is the first state to take the step. ... posted 12-21-05

Form or function?

American sports architecture has been roundly criticized as too homogenized, formulaic and uninteresting. Is it? ... posted 12-19-05

Sponsorship Management: A Status Report

This paper provides a contemporary view of sponsorship theory and its significance in management theory. ... posted 12-19-05

Sage seer ranks sports spectacularly

Jeff Sagarin is #1 in the rankings game. ... posted 12-19-05