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January 14, 2004

Title IX As Scapegoat

According to a presentation at the NCAA Convention, Title IX and gender equity problems seem to be at large schools only.

Since 1988, D1 has had a net loss of 174 teams, while D2 and D3 have added a total of 235 teams.’’(Cutting teams) is the very last thing you do,’’ said Andy Geiger, AD at Ohio State (which maintains 35 varsity-level teams). Marcia Saneholtz, sr. assoc. AD at Washington State, a panelist for the discussion, ’’Gender Equity Planning Session: Utilizing the Three-Part Test of Title IX,’’ said resistance to treating male and female athletes equally still remains 30 years after the legislation that brought Title IX about.

’’It’s important that women have the same opportunities because athletics are so ingrained in our society. Some people are going to be left out, but some people are left out anyway. Sometimes, that’s how life is.’’ While Geiger isn’t having to pinch pennies — ’’We had eight home football games this fall and made $4.5 million to $5 million in revenue on each one’’ — he recognizes the struggles that other athletic departments at his level are going through.

’’We have more athletics, not less, because of Title IX.  Blaming problems on that is (making it) a scapegoat.’’

(Nashville Tennessean 1-11-04)