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April 17, 2004

Average Salaries: D1 Coaches, Professors

(in $000)


Head Coaches
Div. I-A (BCS): 116.2
Div. I-A (non-BCS): 75.7
Div. I-AA: 42.8
Div. I-AAA: 39.3

Asst. Coaches
Div. I-A (BCS): 55.8
Div. I-A (non-BCS): 40.1
Div. I-AA: 21.7
Div. I-AAA: 18.9

Full Professors: 88.6


Head Coaches
Div. I-A (BCS): 62.1
Div. I-A (non-BCS): 42.7
Div. I-AA: 29.9
Div. I-AAA: 29.6

Asst. Coaches
Div. I-A (BCS): 27.8
Div. I-A (non-BCS): 21.5
Div. I-AA: 15.1
Div. I-AAA: 15.1

Full Professors: 78.8

sources: American Association of University Professors, The Chronicle of Higher Education