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May 03, 2004

Survey Ranks Who Makes What In Academia

FROM A SURVEY OF COLLEGE FACULTY / ADMINISTRATION COMPENSATION comes the unsurprising news that the 2.1% increase over last year was the smallest percentage increase in 30 years.

Entitled the 2003-04 Administrative Compensation Survey, this was the 36th annual study conducted by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, otherwise known as CUPA.

Among faculty, law professors were the highest earners, averaging $109,478. Engineering and business professors came next. At the low end of the compensation scale were faculty in the English, nursing, and the visual and performing arts, in which salaries average less than $55,000.

Among academic deans / directors, administrative, external affairs and student services professionals, the survey yielded the following high and low salaries (low salaries exclude assistants and associates):

• Dean of Medicine: $307,518
• Chief Health Professor: $245,280
• Dean of Public Health: $223,610
• Chief Technical Services Librarian (lowest): $51,265

• General Counsel: $123,476
• Chief Business Officer: $118, 205
• Chief Administrative Officer: $110,021
• Manager of Benefits (lowest): $51,450

External Affairs
• Chief Development Officer: $110,000
• Chief Public Relations Officer: 108,075
• Director-News Bureau (lowest): $49,596

Student Services
• Director-Student Health Services: $122,772
• Chief Student Affairs Officer: $96,820
• Housing Officer (lowest): $46,894

Also listed within the Student Services section were the following:
• Director of Athletics: $78,400
• Director, Men’s Athletics Programs: $77,561
• Director, Women’s Athletics Programs: $61,762
• Director, Intramurals: $51,002
• Director, Sports Information: $39,579

It should be noted that the averages listed above were extracted from a wide range of small, large, public and private schools.

The full report, which also has information about adjuncts and department chairmen, is available at the CUPA-HR Web site: http://cupahr.org.

(this 266 word report was excerpted from an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.com of 5-2-04 and from the hundreds of words, dozens of charts and thousands of numbers comprising the 2003-04 Administrative Compensation Survey, compiled by the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources.)