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October 09, 2004

Coach Barnett Reluctant To Use “S” Word

FROM BALMER comes a 2000-mile distant view on the healing process at the University of Colorado.

CU was buffeted last year by alleged alcohol and sex-aided recruiting, rape / forcible sex allegations and the resulting media circus.

Among the thousands of articles and many millions of words that resulted from CU’s difficulties, the word “scandal” was used tens of thousands of times to describe the situation.

Yet, amazingly, Coach Gary Barnett, said he would "officially not acknowledge" using the word "scandal" to describe what transpired.

Hmm. One wonders how bad a situation it would have to be for Barnett to use the “s” word?

There is much yet to unfold at CU:

• A grand jury has yet to make its findings public.

• Lawsuits by three women alleging rape against players, recruits, Barnett and the university will go on trial next year.

• Revisions to Barnett’s contract have not yet been made.

However, there have been noticed some policy changes this year on campus, especially regarding alcohol consumption. One student was expelled after getting drunk and passing out at a freshman orientation activity. A fraternity is in jeopardy of losing its charter after the recent alcohol overdose death of a freshman pledge.

For now, however, early in this football season, the Buffalos 3-1 record has diverted attention from the scandal, er, situation.


(this 223 word excerpt—and accompanying commentary—was extracted from a 1450 word article in the Baltimore Sun of 10-9-04)