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MACK WITH TACT … “I’ve been planning this speech for 33 years, but right now I don’t really know what to say.” … Texas coach Mack Brown, to his players in the locker room after the Longhorns’ thrilling victory over Southern Cal at the Rose Bowl. … Sports Illustrated, 1-9-06

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Intercollegiate Athletic Corporate Sponsorships and the First Amendment ... ADs might be eager to welcome with open arms corporate sponsors with open checkbooks. But at times a corporate sponsorship could portray a negative image on the university. Providing sponsorship opportunities to certain companies while refusing others could implicate the right to free speech under the First Amendment. Eric Bentley, Assistant General Counsel for the University of Houston System, weighs in with an update.

Clips Editorial

The consequences of running up the score ... Clips Editor Nick Infante opines on the after-effects of sports blowouts: the agony (and exultation) of losing (and winning) big. ... posted 12-26-05

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Hurricane relief effort spotlights a kinder, gentler NCAA

The Hurricane Katrina disaster caused the normally rule-obsessed NCAA to chuck its rules manual right out the window. ... posted 1-2-06

Study: “Necessary Education for the Success of ADs: NCAA Presidents' Perceptions”

SUNY Brockport professors Robert C. Schneider and William F. Stier Jr. have compiled a must-read study on educational perceptions of college presidents for ADs. Aspiring ADs take note. ... posted 12-14-05

My Wednesday in Manhattan . . .

In which your intrepid Clips editor schlepped into Manhattan for an eye-witness report of the Intercollegiate Athletics Forum. ... posted 12-11-05

Penn State U is Linebacker U once again

From 1989 to 2000, 29 of Penn State’s linebackers were selected in the NFL draft. Then nothing. ... posted 11-29-05

Presidential compensation under fire

Confronted with large doses of leadership challenges, budget squeezes and visibility / scrutiny, college presidents are absorbing more criticism than they deserve. A Chronicle of Higher Education survey details the details. ... posted 11-14-05

For some, a football season not like it was supposed to be . . . .

Injuries, trick plays and Lady Luck all conspire to sabotage pre-season picks. We list some of this year’s disappointing surprises. ... posted 11-8-05

Results of College Presidents’ Tell-All Survey

A largest-of-its-kind survey of 764 college presidents has revealed many nuggets of knowledge. And some yawners too. ... posted 10-31-05

Messiah Coaches, Football Frenzy, the Religious Right and a Muslim Running Back

College football has increasingly become a more visible home for the Gospel, and some people don’t like that. ... posted 11-1-05

Drake Group: Apparent Northwestern University Fumble?

Suspicious timing for Northwestern’s removal of a Fellow title from an outspoken advocate for college athletics reform. .... posted 10-24-05

College athletics officials respond heroically

Commissioners and ADs from Conference-USA, the Sun Belt Conference and the SEC learned plenty from the recent hurricane disasters. ... posted 10-11-05

Road to FB head coach via coordinators?

The training ground for football head coaches is often the coordinator position. But only 7.7% of BCS team coordinators are black.

Article says hazing - however defined - is bad

Hazing excesses occur too frequently and they should be reduced. How to do so has been a subject for much debate.

Humble AD has every reason to be proud

Daryl Gross has hit the ground running at Syracuse.

Big man in a little state

President Allen L. Sessoms has attracted a bipolar constituency in his two years at historically black Delaware State University.

Good Play and Good Behavior Not Mutually Exclusive

It’s hard to be humble when you’re a BMOC. It’s hard to behave when forbidden fruit is everywhere. Some schools look for help.

Life after Notre Dame just fine for Willingham

First-year Washington coach Ty Willingham isn’t looking back; except this Saturday when his Huskies take on Notre Dame.

Where are they now?

Twenty- four D1 football coaches were replaced last year. Here’s what happened to each of them.

Coach Boeheim’s blood runs Orange

Syracuse’s gangly coach gets inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Beleaguered San Jose State program coming around

New AD Tom Bowen has combined infectious positivism with sound program re-org to get SJSU headed in the right direction - finally.

Good coach first, black coach second

This year Indiana State’s Lou West became the only black head coach among the 103 NCAA D1-AA programs (other than HBCs).

Messiah Coaches in the Making?

Rebuilding big time D1 football programs takes years of effort. But there are some coaches who can inspire greatness from today’s mediocrity.

Non-Academic Presidents Becoming More Common

Candidates with political / business experience and relationships are increasingly being selected as college presidents.

Strong-Willed Mom Wants Day in Court

Son died of an asthma attack at an Aug ‘01 Northwestern FB practice; mom holding out for a laundry list of monetary and non-monetary demands.

2004-05 Director’s Cups Awarded to Many Familiar Schools

There were few surprises among the winners. The strong remained strong: Stanford, Grand Valley State and Williams.

Knight Commission Convenes in Capital

The watchdog group met with the NCAA top brass and conference commissioners. Backs were slapped, smiles were everywhere, praise was plentiful.