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Results of the first Turnkey College Sports Poll

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College Athletics Clips has partnered with Turnkey Sports in 2015 to launch a monthly opinion poll called the Turnkey College Poll. 

By Nick Infante, Clips Editor, 3-29-15


College Athletics Clips has partnered with Turnkey Sports to launch a monthly opinion poll called the Turnkey College Poll.  

Many changes are occurring in college sports and our industry needs better information and insights about what administrators and educators and think.  And there is no better group of experts about the business of college sports than the College Athletics Clips audience. 

The second poll will be going out in soon.  We have not yet finalized the topic, but it will likely be the organization, revenues and distributions associated with NCAA basketball tournaments.

The first poll concentrated on cost of attendance: which athletes would get it, where the money will come from, etc.


The first question asked respondents what their institution’s incremental cost of attendance would be per student-athlete to provide the full cost of attendance.

  • $3,000 was the dividing line; about half said $3,000 or less, and half said $3,000 or more. 


The second question asked which student athletes will receive the benefit of the full cost of attendance.

  • 46% of respondents answered that all sports would receive COA. 


When asked what is the MOST important action their institution will need to take to anticipate paying the full cost of attendance for student-athletes:

  • 52% answered "Raising additional funds”
  • 10% answered "Reducing the overall operating budget” 
  • Significantly (I think), 31% answered "Not sure / No response”


When asked a matrix question on how funds will be obtained for COA (prefer not to answer; completely agree, somewhat agree, neither agree or disagree, somewhat disagree, completely agree):

  • 85% answered either Somewhat Agree or Completely Agree to "Increase fundraising / sponsorships” . . .(66% said Completely Agree)
  • 68% answered either Completely Agree or Somewhat Agree to "Request a student fee increase”  . . . .(61% said Completely Disagree)


When asked about measures to reduce costs: 

  • 72% Somewhat or Completely Agreed that they would "reallocate funds within operating budget” 
  • Over half Completely Disagreed or Somewhat Disagreed that they would do any of the following: Delay future facility projects (52%); Reduce staff (55%); Reduce athletic scholarships (59%); Cut sports (69%)


Here’s the detail:


A Clips hat-tip to Len Perna, Carolyne Savini, Gene DeFilippo, Cheryl Levick, Leigh Buwen, Emily Huddell, Erika Gunerman, Nikoly Panchev, Brian Lick, Diana Busino, Patrick Kuhlen, Diana Leucona, Melissa Dean and Haynes Hendrickson. 

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