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BC IS IN GREENLAND … “What is Boston College doing in the ACC? The nearest lodge brother is Maryland, which is a seven-hour drive if you’re lucky. We’re like in Greenland, sitting up here. No more drives to see games at Providence and UConn. No more New York City for the Big East (tournament). We don’t fit.” … Bob Ryan, longtime columnist for The Boston Globe (and BC grad), bemoaning the geographic illogic of BC’s departure to the far distant ACC. … The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), 2-11-06

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

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Alma College sports don’t bring in big bucks ... Despite (because of?) no scholarship money, no shoe deals, no agents and no national TV, the passion and commitment to intercollegiate athletics at the D3 level is impressive. Here’s the rundown on Michigan’s Alma College from Matthew B. Mowery of the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun. ... posted 2-15-06

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Hooray for State U ... although partisanship has its limits, devotion to one’s team is about as loyal as loyal can be. ... a Clips editorial ... posted 1-30-06

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Posted 2 January 06

Welcome to College Athletics Clips.

Clips is a quick-read website targeting busy college athletics administrators. Clips provides a comprehensive overview of college athletics requiring no more than a short visit by readers. Clips is updated daily and emails are sent twice weekly to subscribers, who can also visit our site at any time for daily updates. Paid subscribers are provided secure passwords to access all current and archived Clips content.


To provide time-starved athletics administrators with a condensation of all relevant college athletics news, plus incisive commentary and related background information.


College Athletics Clips is published by InfaMor LLC, a communications company dedicated to providing specific-interest professional e-publications that are distillations and transformations from the full spectrum of available sources. Clips provides value to our subscribers by delivering abbreviated versions (clips) of news, issues and commentary pertinent to college athletics. 


Our Advisory Panel is comprised of respected college athletics administrators:

Kathy DeBoer, former Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Univ. of Kentucky

Dan Guerrero, Athletic Director, UCLA

Kermit Hall, President, University at Albany

Marie Hardin, Assoc. Director, Center for Sports Journalism, Penn State U.

Ken Kavanagh, Athletic Director, Bradley University

Chris Monasch, Athletic Director, St. John’s University

Wright Waters, Commissioner, Sun Belt Conference

Jim Livengood, Athletic Director, University of Arizona

Russ Simons, Principal; HOK S+V+E; Facility Operations, Evaluation and Analysis Group

John Thompson, Athletic Director, North Carolina Wesleyan

Robert Zullo, Professor, Sports Management, Mississippi State University


Nick Infante, Editor, is a communications consultant and freelance writer whose work has been published in several newspapers and magazines.  Nick has 20+ years experience in marketing, sales and consumer promotions (a dozen years in the beer business plus confectionaries, sunscreen, footcare products and promotion agencies).   Aside from his editorial and marketing experience, Nick’s reservoir of college athletics knowledge derives from his loyalty to alma mater UConn Huskies and insights painstakingly accumulated from having been a hopelessly outmatched 5-foot-7 juco point guard.

Mary-Beth Infante, VP- Operations, supervises database management and newsletter project management for a pharmaceutical marketing firm.  Although not an athletics participant while a Boston College student, she later ran the New York Marathon in a crimson BC T-Shirt.

Tom MacWright, Webmaster Emeritus; creator, translator and gatemaster of Clips to the cyber world.  Fully conversant in all manner of computer languages, Tom also commands a comprehensive understanding of English. His athletics prowess encompasses the aerobic world of running and mountain biking.


For editorial comments and permissions contact Nick Infante, Editor

mail: College Athletics Clips, 16 Elm Street, Chester, NJ 07930

phone:  908.879.9978


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