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Clips Staff

Although founder and editor Nick Infante has been the driving force behind the launch and development of College Athletics Clips, this has actually been as collaborative an effort as any enterprise you'll find. Clips' evolution from a germ of an idea into a viable, sustainable resource has transpired because many good people have contributed their intelligence and imagination to the effort.

Senior Staff

Nick Infante, Clips Editor, has had commentaries published in several newspapers and magazines. Nick has 20+ years experience in marketing, sales and consumer promotions (a dozen years in the beer business with Labatt, Rolling Rock and St. Pauli Girl; plus confectionaries, sunscreen, footcare products and promotion agencies). Efforts to validate Infante's brash claims of having been a point guard for pre-Big East UConn have been inconclusive.

Mary-Beth Infante, VP- Operations & General Ombudsperson, has several years of project management experience for a medical marketing firm. Although not an athletics participant while a Boston College student, she later ran the New York City Marathon in a crimson BC T-Shirt.

Contributors, Consultants, Contemplators and Convincers

Dan Guerrero, Frank Fila, Jeff MacWright, Russ Simons and Frank Rudnick have served as advisors to help shape Clips' editorial style and audience targeting efforts.

"Official" advisors (aka: the Clips Advisory Panel):
  • Kathy DeBoer, President, American Volleyball Coaches Association
  • Dan Guerrero, Athletic Director, UCLA
  • Marie Hardin, Associate Director, Center for Sports Journalism, Penn State
  • Ken Kavanagh, Athletic Director, Bradley University
  • Jim Livengood, Athletic Director, University of Arizona
  • Chris Monasch, Athletic Director, St. John's University
  • Russ Simons, Principal; HOK S+V+E; Facility Operations Group
  • William Stier, Dir. of Athletic Admin. / Sport Management, SUNY-Brockport
  • John Thompson, Athletic Director, North Carolina Wesleyan
  • Wright Waters, Commissioner, Sun Belt Conference
Technology Wizards:
  • Rich Pereira, CMG, our go-to guy for all Clips maintenance and improvement initiatives.
  • Tom MacWright, Webmaster Emeritus, redesigned Clips as a paid subscription website (7-13-05 re-launch date).
  • Sharon Medway, Tech Consultant who shepherded Clips through its difficult Middle Ages ('05-'06).
  • Steve Adler, Clips' first webmaster, gave online birth (9-19-03) to the raw and unfocused amalgam that was Clips' first iteration.
Penn State Center for Sports Journalism Interns Extraordinaire
  • John Taormina, fall 2012, spring 2013
  • Meghan Miceli, spring 2013
  • Ryan Wilk (fall semester 2007, spring semester 2008)
  • David DeIuliis (spring semester 2008)
  • Samantha Baldensperger (fall semester 2007)
  • Jessica Holtz (spring semester 2007)
  • Tom Cannella (fall semester 2006, spring semester 2007)
  • Matt Oldsey (spring semester 2006)
Other contributors:
  • Lisa Infante
  • Matt Infante
  • Molly Infante
  • Dan Fulks
  • Mark Lavaway
  • Rich Vassos