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MACK WITH TACT … “I’ve been planning this speech for 33 years, but right now I don’t really know what to say.” … Texas coach Mack Brown, to his players in the locker room after the Longhorns’ thrilling victory over Southern Cal at the Rose Bowl. … Sports Illustrated, 1-9-06

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Geographically Myopic ... Former Lawrence University lineman Mark Rodman takes aim at yet another bias of the esteemed New York Times.

Clips Editorial

The consequences of running up the score ... Clips Editor Nick Infante opines on the after-effects of sports blowouts: the agony (and exultation) of losing (and winning) big. ... posted 12-26-05

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One-state, 3-year study reveals Title IX deficiencies

A massive study by the Women’s Law Project has revealed a series of shortcomings in athletics gender equity across Pennsylvania’s 112 institutions of higher learning. ... posted 1-2-06

A long time coming: the integration of U-Texas football

Though not as famous as Jackie Robinson (MLB), Larry Doby (AL), or even Willy O’Ree (NHL), Julius Whittier was the first black football player at the University of Texas. And that was BIG. ... posted 12-26-05

Hiring Report Card Results: Progress Not Made

The latest report from the Black Coaches Assn chronicles negative progress in the hiring of minorities as D1 head football coaches. ... posted 11-10-05

Title IX: Social Engineering or Government Meddling?

Former Senator Birch Bayh spoke at URI Honors Program: Title IX was the topic, and hyperbole reigned. ... posted 11-10-05

Southern College Football Pioneers

Integration of southern college football took a long time, and the first black players endured amazing hardships. ... posted 11-4-05

Work . . . . and life outside work.

Work-life balance took center stage at the recent NACWAA convention. .... posted 10-28-05

Happy 25th Birthday to NCAA Women’s Championships

Inheriting a solid foundation from the AIAW in 1981, the NCAA has helped make women’s athletics bigger and better. … posted 10-25-05

Report: College athletics job prospects bleak for women and minorities

The 2004 Racial and Gender Report Card has not been one of the better performances in the 16-year history of the publication. .... re-posted 10-25-05

Blacks as QBs in greater numbers than ever before

28.6% (34 of 119) of D1-A QBs are black. Not bad. Only 2.5% (3 of 119) of head coaches are black. Not good.

Colonel Ebirt is No More

From the Student newspaper of Virginia’s D1 College of William & Mary comes an item that is truly a sign of our PC times

Study: press coverage for female athletes lags

Project for Excellence in Journalism study shows that coverage of female athletes in US newspapers has not increased despite higher participation.

Report: Stagnation in numbers of college women coaches

Penn State researchers have identified and analyzed the reasons why women make up less than half of all head coaching jobs for women’s teams.

The NCAA and the A-B-Cs of the SWA

All three NCAA divisions are taking steps to clarify the job description of the Senior Woman Administrator position.

Initiative Launched to Improve Cheerleading Safety

NCAA / Varsity Spirit Corp. programs will include mandatory coaches’ education, improved training, insurance coverage, and improved safety procedures.

NCAA name ban unleashes waves of comment

No one’s talking about compromise now. The NCAA’s unilateral decree on Native American team names has caused the battle lines to be re-drawn.

Official Statement: “NCAA action isn't popular, but it's correct”

A damage control statement from the NCAA’s VP of Diversity claims that last week’s ruling on Native American team names “was not political correctness” and that the association has “authority to control.”

Give us your tired, your weary, your athletes yearning to matriculate

There were over 7000 foreign student-athletes in D1 alone last year; foreigners comprised more than 20% of tennis and hockey rosters.

From Delaware: A Man Bites Dog Story

Delaware State University, an historically black college, has hired a white male as its new AD. Many eyebrows have been raised.

Why Are Blacks Blocked from Baseball?

Although blacks comprise 58% of D1 basketball rosters and 44% of D1 FB rosters, blacks in D1 baseball are only 6%.

Dust Not Settling on Chronic Title IX Controversy

Even though no school has used the new Title IX online survey yet, both sides are snarling and sniping nonetheless. Same as it ever was?

Title IX: Legislation or Adjudication?

Justice Sandra is moving on, Justice Rehnquist is hanging on, Democrats are scrambling. And Title IX is hanging in the balance.

WBB: Still a Work in Progress

Even though women’s basketball has arrived, there’s still a need to keep up with the pizzazz and hoopla.

D1 WBB Coach Files Age Discrimination Complaint

Few could dispute that U-Miami coach Ferne Labati had a great record—303 wins in 17 seasons—but the 59-year old was fired after a 13-16 season.

Diversity Hiring Report Card Issued

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida reports that women’s representation is higher, but minorities are lower.

Title IX in The Last Frontier

The Anchorage, Alaska School District—frozen in the glare of OCR scrutiny—looks at cheerleading and flag football to achieve gender equity.