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BC IS IN GREENLAND … “What is Boston College doing in the ACC? The nearest lodge brother is Maryland, which is a seven-hour drive if you’re lucky. We’re like in Greenland, sitting up here. No more drives to see games at Providence and UConn. No more New York City for the Big East (tournament). We don’t fit.” … Bob Ryan, longtime columnist for The Boston Globe (and BC grad), bemoaning the geographic illogic of BC’s departure to the far distant ACC. … The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), 2-11-06

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Alma College sports don’t bring in big bucks ... Despite (because of?) no scholarship money, no shoe deals, no agents and no national TV, the passion and commitment to intercollegiate athletics at the D3 level is impressive. Here’s the rundown on Michigan’s Alma College from Matthew B. Mowery of the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun. ... posted 2-15-06

Clips Editorial

Hooray for State U ... although partisanship has its limits, devotion to one’s team is about as loyal as loyal can be. ... a Clips editorial ... posted 1-30-06

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A Touchy Feely Lion

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. And Mike Krzyzewski is as cerebral and excitable as any. ... posted 2-15-06

Big-time impact for the Missouri Valley Conference

With a chance for four NCAA tournament entrants, solid rankings and record attendance, the MVC is starting to belie the “mid major” moniker. ... posted 2-15-06

DOE releases “Toolbox Revisited” study

The rigor of high school curricula rates high as a predictor of success in the increasingly complex paths to college degrees. ... posted 2-15-06

Latest NCAA participation and sponsorship data released

Total athletes now 385,000, with over 17,000 D1-2-3 teams. Further proof that intercollegiate athletics are big and getting bigger. ... posted 2-15-06

NCAA rulebook: Ambiguity, loopholes and special exceptions?

Within those burgeoning 500-pages are rules that have begotten new rules to plug loopholes created by the lack of specificity in the original rules. ... posted 2-10-06

UMass announces 1st PRISM award

After six years of PRISM awards for pro teams, UMass has forayed into the college ranks. ... posted 2-10-06

U-Texas is bullish

The Longhorns program is stepping up big time to assure its place among the elite for many years to come. ... posted 2-10-06

Radical Surgery

Already shaky before the hurricanes, Tulane’s athletic department cut eight teams to “rationalize its revenue outflow.” (read: save money) ... posted 2-9-06

Study: Women in Intercollegiate Sport

As comprehensive and detailed as ever, the study looks at women’s participation gains (and losses) as athletes, coaches and administrators over a 29 year time span. ... posted 2-7-06

Moving back, moving up, moving out

The University of Iowa ticket department is knee-deep in “reassigning” season ticket holders, based on a new point system based on longevity and philanthropic support. ... posted 2-7-06

Group decries “bean-counting exercise”

Project 21, a black leadership network, says the focus of “Racial and Gender Report Card” studies should be on black grad rates, not the number of blacks in leadership positions. ... posted 2-7-06

And then there were 18 . . . .

An update on the 18 schools with Native American nicknames, mascots or logos deemed “hostile and abusive” by the NCAA. ... posted 2-7-06

DeLoss demonstrates deliberate & demure demeanor

Texas AD DeLoss Dodds is on top of the college athletics world, but if you met him at a cocktail party he’d talk about gardening. ... posted 2-6-06

No 'Glory Road' for blacks in sports leadership posts

Rus Bradburd coached basketball with Don Haskins at UTEP for eight years, so his take on “Glory Road” is especially interesting. ... posted 2-3-06

Athletes got paper to sign in 1960s

Widely considered one of the most important innovations in college athletics, the National Letter of Intent provides clarity for both recruit and university. ... posted 2-3-06

Email survey is “notoriously unreliable”

Title IX advocates met with a US Senate Committee to extol the virtues of gender equity and to rail against the DOE email survey. ... posted 2-3-06

Sneaker Skirmishes Go Asian

Nike and Adidas-Reebok are scrambling to put sneakers, er, athletic shoes, on hundreds of millions of Asian feet for the first time. ... Posted 1-31-06

Knight Commission: conference and poll

Monday Jan. 30 was a busy day for the Knight Commish: a webcast summit conference and the release of a public opinion poll. ... posted 1-31-06

Recruiting for pay

Good? Bad? Inevitable? Old-style recruiting has given way to slick and scientific - and often expensive - recruiting services. ... posted 1-30-06

Study: Sport Management Field Experiences as Experiential Learning

Internships have long been recognized as an effective means of learning. SUNY-Brockport Professors Stier and Schneider explore the positives and negatives in a new study. ... posted 1-30-06

Hooray for State U

Hooray for State U ... although partisanship has its limits, devotion to one’s team is about as loyal as loyal can be. ... a Clips editorial ... posted 1-30-06

Survey: Diversity at D1-A Programs

A study from the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the Univ. of Central Florida has revealed that the ‘old boys’ networks are still strong. ... posted 1-26-06

Masters of the Universities?

Rating agencies are critical to the success of colleges issuing bonds to finance dorms, fitness centers and academic buildings. ... posted 1-27-06

Cheerleading update

Cheerleading injuries have increased 110% in the past 12 years while participants have increased only 18%. What’s going on here? ... posted 1-27-06

Loquacious Lopiano lauds advances, bemoans failures

Gender-equity advocate touts advances, then lays into football. ... posted 1-27-06