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BC IS IN GREENLAND … “What is Boston College doing in the ACC? The nearest lodge brother is Maryland, which is a seven-hour drive if you’re lucky. We’re like in Greenland, sitting up here. No more drives to see games at Providence and UConn. No more New York City for the Big East (tournament). We don’t fit.” … Bob Ryan, longtime columnist for The Boston Globe (and BC grad), bemoaning the geographic illogic of BC’s departure to the far distant ACC. … The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), 2-11-06

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Alma College sports don’t bring in big bucks ... Despite (because of?) no scholarship money, no shoe deals, no agents and no national TV, the passion and commitment to intercollegiate athletics at the D3 level is impressive. Here’s the rundown on Michigan’s Alma College from Matthew B. Mowery of the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun. ... posted 2-15-06

Clips Editorial

Hooray for State U ... although partisanship has its limits, devotion to one’s team is about as loyal as loyal can be. ... a Clips editorial ... posted 1-30-06

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U-Texas is bullish

The Longhorns program is stepping up big time to assure its place among the elite for many years to come. ... posted 2-10-06

Radical Surgery

Already shaky before the hurricanes, Tulane’s athletic department cut eight teams to “rationalize its revenue outflow.” (read: save money) ... posted 2-9-06

Moving back, moving up, moving out

The University of Iowa ticket department is knee-deep in “reassigning” season ticket holders, based on a new point system based on longevity and philanthropic support. ... posted 2-7-06

Sneaker Skirmishes Go Asian

Nike and Adidas-Reebok are scrambling to put sneakers, er, athletic shoes, on hundreds of millions of Asian feet for the first time. ... Posted 1-31-06

Masters of the Universities?

Rating agencies are critical to the success of colleges issuing bonds to finance dorms, fitness centers and academic buildings. ... posted 1-27-06

Booster in a hurry

Über booster T. Boone Pickens is 77, so he doesn’t want to wait for Oklahoma State football success. ... posted 1-23-06

Licensing success starts with winning teams

It’s no coincidence that the University of Texas is #1 in college football and #1 in sales of licensed products. ... posted 1-19-06

The education of Myles Brand and NCAA

Myles Brand morphs into a 21st century Gordon Gekko, telling the NCAA Convention that - this year - “Greed is good.” ... posted 1-18-06

Faculty Salaries Report by DOE

In full, it’s called the “Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2004, and Salaries of Full-Time Instructional Faculty, 2004-05.” Clips has captured the essence for you. ... posted 1-13-06

Troy University: investing for the long haul

Jumpstarting an upstart D1-A program requires powerful backers. ... posted 1-13-06

Darwin said fittest, not biggest

The ongoing debate over football haves and have-nots is getting uglier all the time. ... posted 1-10-06

The Mother of all College Athletics Programs?

The numbers are in from last year. Revenues for No. 1 Ohio State were $89.7 million, with 900 student-athletes in 36 sports. ... posted 1-5-06

Golden Gophers take a reality check

Poor Minnesota: a huge program but only mid-sized in the outsized Big Ten. What to do? Why, step it up, of course! ... posted 1-5-06

One-state, 3-year study reveals Title IX deficiencies

A massive study by the Women’s Law Project has revealed a series of shortcomings in athletics gender equity across Pennsylvania’s 112 institutions of higher learning. ... posted 1-2-06

“List price,” new term at image-conscious schools?

Price is a bigger factor than ever for private liberal arts schools, and they’re handing out 425% more merit aid than a decade ago. ... posted 1-2-06

Milking donors for all their worth

Fundraisers at Wisconsin (known as America ’s Dairyland) will milk donors for $17.8 million this year. ... posted 12-26-05

Sponsorship Management: A Status Report

This paper provides a contemporary view of sponsorship theory and its significance in management theory. ... posted 12-19-05

We don’t do scandals . . . .

But this one we just couldn’t ignore. The University of Colorado is becoming the poster child of all that could go bad with an athletics program. The latest? $117,400 worth of questionable expenses. ... posted 12-13-05

College-licensed items still growing significantly

You are what you wear. Or sit in. Or drink out of. Or eat from. ... posted 12-11-05

Spending like there’s no tomorrow . . .

It’s not news, but it bears repeating: a spending analysis from USA Today confirms that the D1-A arms race continues unabated. ... posted 11-25-05

Ersatz wearables intercepted at the Mexican border

The latest seizure of counterfeit apparel with pro and college logos occurred in Nogales, Arizona two weeks ago. ... posted 11-18-05

Intercollegiate athletics revenue: Montana-style

From the somewhat blurred focus of the EADA camera comes a snapshot of a single-state college athletics ecosystem. ... posted 11-14-05

Big schools bidding out marketing to experts

Some 80% of BCS schools have gone to outsourcing marketing agreements. ... posted 11-10-05

“Big” is really big in the Big Ten

A comparison of EADA stats shows the University of Wisconsin at the top spending levels in most categories. ... posted 11-8-05

Greater Presence, Higher Expectations

It cuts both ways for athletic departments: raising money is easier due to high profile presence, but they receive a lesser portion of institution funding. ... posted 10-28-05