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THE POWER OF THE PRESS … “It’s a disaster. I’m finishing up everything, and I’m going back into retirement.” … Stanley Simmons, founder of University High School, a shady diploma mill in Miami that had no classrooms, teachers or teams but helped numerous athletes quickly earn diplomas. The “school,” which graduated at least 14 students who signed with D1 football programs during the past two years, was pilloried in a lengthy New York Times feature a couple weeks ago. … New York Times, 12-23-05

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Intercollegiate Athletic Corporate Sponsorships and the First Amendment ... ADs might be eager to welcome with open arms corporate sponsors with open checkbooks. But at times a corporate sponsorship could portray a negative image on the university. Providing sponsorship opportunities to certain companies while refusing others could implicate the right to free speech under the First Amendment. Eric Bentley, Assistant General Counsel for the University of Houston System, weighs in with an update.

Clips Editorial

The consequences of running up the score ... Clips Editor Nick Infante opines on the after-effects of sports blowouts: the agony (and exultation) of losing (and winning) big. ... posted 12-26-05

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NCAA rejiggers grad rate computations

Transfer students will no longer be assigned to the twilight zone for grad rates. The new rates take a steep hike. ... posted 12-21-05

Study: “Necessary Education for the Success of ADs: NCAA Presidents' Perceptions”

SUNY Brockport professors Robert C. Schneider and William F. Stier Jr. have compiled a must-read study on educational perceptions of college presidents for ADs. Aspiring ADs take note. ... posted 12-14-05

APR and Grad Rates for '05-'06 Bowl-Bound Teams

A study by the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport shows that a significant gap remains between African-American and white student-athletes. ... posted 12-5-05

D3 athletics / academics excellence: mutually exclusive?

A case study at Haverford College explores the challenges of maintaining academic credibility while establishing athletic competitiveness. ... posted 12-5-05

Different Paths to the Corner Office

Some schools excel at football and some at basketball. And some at Fortune 500 CEOs and senators. ... posted 11-28-05

Saga of a high school diploma mill

It never ends. The NCAA implements new academic rules, and cheaters concoct new loopholes to bypass them. ... posted 11-27-05

Latest Report: decrease in foreign student enrollments

The post 9-11 world has wrought changes in the mosaic that constitutes US campuses and sports programs. ... posted 11-18-05

Results of College Presidents’ Tell-All Survey

A largest-of-its-kind survey of 764 college presidents has revealed many nuggets of knowledge. And some yawners too. ... posted 10-31-05

Surveys: college costs up, but at slower rate

College Board surveys reveal a slower rate of increase, but poorer students are falling behind. …. posted 10-25-05

Knight Foundation provides $1.5 Million Grant to Penn State

Grant will establish an endowed chair at the school’s acclaimed Center for Sports Journalism.

Study: athletes take different majors than non-athletes

We’ve always suspected it, now a U-Minnesota study reports that athletes matriculate differently than the rest of the student population.

Big man in a little state

President Allen L. Sessoms has attracted a bipolar constituency in his two years at historically black Delaware State University.

Where Coaches Recruit for Grades as much as Athletics

There’s D3, and then there’s D3. At the high end there’s recruiting savvy and rigor that’s positively D1-like.

Education projections through 2014 released by the DOE

What we’ve all been waiting for: the latest “Projection of Education Statistics.” Chock-full of numbers, tables, charts and graphs, it has it all.

The business of America is business; the business of the NCAA is . . . .

It’s hard to deny that college athletics is a business. A lengthy article from the NCAA touts commercial balance, but negative perceptions persist.

Pondering college athletics issues as a new year begins

The profound issues of our time: conference switching, have-not D1s, APRs, D3 caps and poor behavior by student-athletes.

2005 Rankings Announced for Excellence in Athletics Cup

All NCAA D1 athletic programs were ranked across 11 different indicators to establish a ranking of university athletic programs.

The No. 1 of college ranking services?

The Princeton Review’s latest lists of academically and socially superlative schools have a strong correlation to intercollegiate athletics. Sorta.

The New Way: Academics and Athletics as Equal Priorities

Despite a flurry of issues pervading college athletics, graduating student-athletes remains a special priority.

Website Review: "Best School for Athletes"

Site describes the Student Athlete Performance Ratings (SAPR), which measures athletic opportunity relative to getting a quality college degree.

Baseball in the Classroom

One-of-a-kind course at San Francisco State University is a unique combination of history and literature.

Clips Reviews Review (huh?)

Sports scholar Mike Nelson authors a superb review of college sports books . . . and Clips reviews his review. Get it?

NCAA Releases Revised APRs

The NCAA has issued revised Academic Progress Rates for 6000 teams in 41 D1 sports for the 2003-4 academic year.

Faculty Group Running With Its Reform Mandate

The Coalition for Intercollegiate Athletics is gearing up to improve faculty oversight of D1 athletics.

NCAA Re-Jiggers APRs

The first revision of the first APRs resulted in 651 D1 teams going up and 236 teams going down.