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LOWER THAN LOW … “A snow-covered gnat could hold his head higher than Gary Barnett.” … Jon Saraceno, columnist extraordinaire, from an impassioned commentary on the dismal demise of Colorado’s football coach. … USA Today, 12-13-05

Clips Interview

University of Texas at Tyler Provides Refuge for UNO Basketball Teams ... Clips Editor Nick Infante interviewed Athletic Director and Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Howard Patterson of the University of Texas at Tyler about his school’s kindness in offering safe haven for the University of New Orleans’ men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Guest Commentary

Sports in America 2005: Facing up to global realities … Once again Frank Splitt - thinker, writer, engineer, educator, advocate - provides a thought-provoking perspective on American sports. If you never heard of a “STEM” before, read on.

Clips Editorial

Holier than thou? ... Nick Infante - also known as the “Clips Editorial Board” - floats a series of thoughts on the right and wrong associated with running college athletics programs.

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High-Visibility Athletic Programs and the Prestige of Public Universities

Professors Michael J. Lovaglia (U of Iowa) and Jeffrey W. Lucas (U of Maryland) delve into the question: Do high-visibility athletic programs add value to a university education? ... posted 12-14-05

Spending like there’s no tomorrow . . .

It’s not news, but it bears repeating: a spending analysis from USA Today confirms that the D1-A arms race continues unabated. ... posted 11-25-05

Big schools bidding out marketing to experts

Some 80% of BCS schools have gone to outsourcing marketing agreements. ... posted 11-10-05

“Big” is really big in the Big Ten

A comparison of EADA stats shows the University of Wisconsin at the top spending levels in most categories. ... posted 11-8-05

From Papa Bear to Baby Bear?

The U of Arkansas-Little Rock moves to a luxurious new arena this year. But is the 5600-seat facility too small? Depends on who you ask. ... posted 11-8-05

Posh Irish Athletics Complex Opens

The new home of Notre Dame football is as big, grand and opulent as any in the land. 18-year old recruits will be dutifully impressed. ... posted 10-15-05

Service academies march to their own drummers

The athletics programs at Navy, Army and Air Force are facing unprecedented evolutionary challenges to maintain their competitiveness. … posted 10-12-05

Billion Dollar Babies: Jumbo Fundraising Campaigns

University fundraising campaigns now regularly exceed goals over a billion dollars.

Ohio State: as big as college football gets

The Buckeye Nation consumes the entire state. And Ohio is a big state.

Sunshine State Football is Partly Cloudy

Texas is not the only football crazy state. Floridians have three great college teams to follow: Hurricanes - Seminoles - Gators.

Perceptions and Realities: Media Guide version

The “208 Rule” has leveled the playing field (sorta), but there are plenty of techniques to jazz up guides other than the number of pages.

UNT FB program’s ambitions are Texas big

The “guns or butter” spending decisions from Eco 101 are especially tough for Mid Major football programs. Coach salaries or new weight facilities? Coach salaries or new practice field?

Coming: more sizzle for Phog Allen show

Although the KU Jayhawks have won over 90% of their home games since ‘89, they’re installing state-of-the-art video and sound that will wow and bedazzle the fans.

Arms Race D2 Style

Stonehill College in Easton, Mass. debuts W. B. Mason Stadium on Sept. 10 - the newest facility in all of college athletics.

Are they ‘new old’ stadiums or ‘old new’ stadiums?

College football stadium renovations are keeping sports architecture firms plenty busy these days.

Pacific NW schools investing in the future

After letting their facilities lie fallow for several decades, Pac NW schools are making up for lost time.

Guaranteed Football Games Becoming More Popular

Host schools guarantee opponents a certain sum of money for being the visitor, instead of offering a home-and-home series. Sums range considerably.

NC State Unveils Posh Premium Section

$39 million Vaughn Towers features 51 luxury suites and 1004 club-level seats.

Auburn (finally) adopts tiered pricing for football games

New priority seat pricing and increased mandatory donations will reap up to $4.5 million annually.

Hokies upgrade stadium just in time for ACC debut

Virginia Tech’s $52.5 million upgrade has yielded $4 million in revenues from new luxury suites and indoor club seating.

U-Illinois to undergo major stadium renovation

Its circa 1923 Memorial Stadium is slated for a $150 million makeover.

Small School Unveils Big Athletics Plans

Little Miracosta College, a California junior college, is expanding its athletics program impressively.

Husker Money Will Flow Freely

Already one of the nation’s biggies, the Nebraska athletics department projects a healthy 10% increase in revenues for 2005-06.

Arms Race: Wake Forest-style

The daunting competition of the enhanced ACC is causing “have-not” Wake Forest to make investments to improve its lot.

Stadium Mania: New Yankee Stadium for $800 million plus*

Beware the tricky asterisk* when analyzing total stadium costs, because things are not always as they appear—especially in New York.